There are many events all around the world that addresses spiritual and dream-related topics or practices. Below is a list of some of the events that are coming up and will help you on your journey.

Dream Interpretation Workshop – 15 to 18 March

This workshop will educate you on the basics of dream interpretation. You receive a manual and a copy of the leading book on dream interpretation. This workshop offers everything you would like to know about dream interpretation. Costs are $250 per person.

Numerology and Dreams Workshop – 20 and 21 April

Learn the basics of numerology and the application to dreams. Numerology has a strong following and has accurately explained many events in a person’s life. This is a wonderful workshop that is definitely worth it. Costs are $300 per person.

How to start your personal journey: A workshop and guidance by spiritual counselors – 30 March

If you are tired and need some soul refreshing and more positivity in your life, you want to attend this workshop. Leading spiritual counselors explain how to start your spiritual journey and how to read the signs that you will receive. No-one’s journey is the same, but there are some guidelines to help you. Costs are $100 per person.

Soul Future Exhibitions and Fairs – First Saturday of every month (except January)

These fairs and exhibitions showcase all the books, materials, crystals, jewelry, and other items that you may need on your spiritual journey. It is a great opportunity for spiritual counselors, leaders, and others to network.